Effective Business Card Design

When designing a custom business card, there is no profession out there that has more problems than people in web design. Unfortunately they have the daunting task of having to prove their work before they even show their portfolio, and they do this with a beautifully designed business card. Custom business cards are so important in this field, as it illustrates what kind of talent they may have, or what their specialty may be.The web design business is a competitive one, and you need to stand out. Custom business cards are the way to do this, because it leaves a lasting impression on the person you give it to. You are not only advertising yourself, but your business, especially in web design. A unique way of using your business card to show what you can do is to design a custom card that utilizes both sides of the business card. You’ve just doubled your chances to illustrating your talent. On the back of the card you can list your services or the websites you have created. If you give them five different websites you have designed it may give them a good idea of what you are capable of. Using the back to also list your credentials or studies is a way to prove to them that you have the skills necessary to design their website.
Make sure your business cards say something about you, the designer. Color business cards are especially helpful in selling yourself and your business. People expect you to have vivid colors, or a stunning picture, preferably one that you have designed yourself. Use the color business card to wow them with your work, as well as give your information. Make sure it is clear what you do when designing websites. If you design web logs for personal use then make it a bit more creative and fun. Designing for professional websites require a little more conservativeness, but still with the bright colors and stunning photos. Include your design logo if you have it. A logo is a way to draw people in, and make them remember you. It should be short but say exactly what you do. You don’t want to make it hard for anyone to remember that you work in web design. Four words should be the most you should use on any business card because of the size.
On the business card, you should try to emphasize why people should do business with you. Custom business cards leave enough room for a small line on the bottom, or a tagline under your company name. Use this space to scream to them, “this is why you should do business with me.” Again, make it short and sweet, with enough pizzazz to make them feel that you are the company to use. The final tip, and the most important, do not forget to add your personal website to the card. It tells so much about what kind of web design you do.

by : Natalie Aranda


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